Have you ever heard an orphan


A living illustration of the power of the gospel


We save orphans who are at risk of being trafficked in Moldova. We provide a home, education, and introduce them to the love of Christ. We take these kids from fragile souls, to leaders in their community.


And here is the great miracle.  These

amazing young people have begun multiple outreaches to the broken of their nation.  They reach the orphan, those at greatest risk of being trafficked. Feed and clothe the 

homeless. They target villages to ease poverty, preach the gospel, and restore the broken.


The power of the seed of faith.

A heart that has never heard one

word of the gospel is transformed

through faith from an orphan to a

son or daughter to a missionary.

Philip Cameron

Philip Cameron: Missionary- Evangelist, preacher, singer, author. He has a far-reaching international ministry that is impacting nations. Philip has authored multiple books on the subject of Household Salvation, one of those having over 300,000 in print, and is deeply passionate about helping Christians win their loved ones to Christ. He is a consultant and innovator in ministry growth whether it be in missions, television or church ministry. He is a regular guest on some of the largest television networks in the world.  

His innovative approach to missions brings the mission field directly in contact with the church. By exposing the listener to the direct impact that missions have on the orphan, stirs vision and purpose in every church they visit. The success of Philip’s mission outreach, is that he and his wife, Chrissie, turns Orphans into sons and daughters, and then sons and daughters into missionaries. Through THE ORPHAN'S HANDS, their hands are saving lives, reaching the lost, and changing their nation of Moldova.  

If you want to think, feel and see differently, have Philip Cameron and THE ORPHAN'S HANDS ministry come to your church. Philip speaks from revelation, words of life that have changed mine and my churches vision and purpose. When you see and hear the kids of THE ORPHAN'S HANDS, whose lives have been transformed from orphans to missionaries, you will never see the mission field the same way again. 

Tony McAfee , Lead Pastor - Covenant Life Church

Norris TN

Rarely if ever, have I seen a more effective, powerful and purposeful ministry than that of THE ORPHAN'S HANDS. I have personally met lives that were rescued and transformed by this ministry. The very essence and heartbeat of this ministry is to watch God use those whom were once abandoned now helping rescue the lost! They are transforming those you and I could never touch! This ministry is a pure ministry that carries a mandate from Jesus to love the least of these! I am honored to call the leaders of THE ORPHAN'S HANDS our heroes!

Patrick Schatzline - Evangelist & Author

Remnant Ministries Intl.

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